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At BlazerWorks, we believe our schools are one of this country’s greatest assets and the individuals who work there are true heroes. Heroes whose plates are often overloaded with administrative tasks due to constricted budgets and overlooked needs. What if we told you there was a better way? BlazerWorks is tapped into the largest network of educational staffing agencies. With one call, you’ll enjoy a full-service, customizable solution for your education staffing needs.


A Few Benefits of using BlazerWorks for Educational Staffing in Your School District

BlazerWorks your once point of contact for Educational Staffing
One Point of Contact

Gone are the days of dealing with multiple vendors throughout the hiring process. We understand that your time is a priority. That’s why BlazerWorks manages and maintains all your relationships for you. No more long call lists, never-ending email chains, contract negotiations, invoice chasing and credentialing hold ups. Our world-class team of industry professionals handles all of that for you.



BlazerWorks Smart & Simplified Workflow for your Education Staffing
Smart & Simplified Workflow

Say goodbye to sorting through stacks of paperwork and manually organizing your workflow in countless spreadsheets. With our intuitive staffing platform, you’ll have the resources you need to effectively manage all your contracted employees within one single dashboard. Using our analytics toolbox, every business decision you make is educated and justified, saving your school district time and money.



BlzerWorks Offer Amplified Recruiting for Your Education Staffing Needs
Amplified Recruiting

With BlazerWorks as your education staffing partner, all recruiting efforts to fill positions in your school will be amplified and organized. We want you to focus on other tasks and leave the staffing and management to us.



“I’m always impressed by the communication and assistance provided to me by the BlazerWorks team. It’s like having a personal assistant – I have a close relationship with my concierge and put all of my trust in him when handling any particular task.”


“I used to cringe every time a hard-to-find specialty position opened up. I knew my students would be the ones to suffer if I didn’t find a replacement, so I’d spend countless hours working to fulfill the job. Since working with BlazerWorks, all of the busy work has been taken off my plate. Plus, they were able to find me a wonderful candidate in just a few days…it would have taken me weeks!”


“My only regret is that I didn’t find BlazerWorks sooner!  I’ve been working in my small school district for over twenty years and filling high-demand jobs has always been a struggle. I’m finally able to shift my focus back to what I love – the education and well-being of my students.”

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