Simplified staffing. Amplified success.

Managed service programs to streamline every facet of healthcare and education staffing

“Before BlazerWorks I was over my head, tracking 35 timesheets from multiple staffing agencies — now it’s all simple and consolidated.”

“Our billing office was overwhelmed with different invoices and multiple rates from all our vendors. BlazerWorks made it smooth and streamlined.”

“I used to spend all day making calls to 30 agencies, just for one job. Now, all it takes is one call to BlazerWorks.”

Why BlazerWorks?

The middleman that’s at the center of simplicity

Simplified Workflow

Gone are the days of dealing with multiple third party vendors – no more long lists of calls, emails, contract negotiations, contractor issues, credentialing, timesheet tracking and invoice chasing. BlazerWorks does it all for you.

One Call

And with our thorough, accurate and timely reporting, you’ll have the tools you need to better manage overall usage. All with just one call.

Better Planning

With BlazerWorks as your staffing partner, your team can focus on other tasks and leave the staffing and management to us.

Reduced Vendor Costs

With customized rates throughout your organization and a centralized billing process, BlazerWorks gives you better control of your budget, while reducing vendor costs.

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